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Film Studio Moves

Why Hire Professional Movers for Your Film Set Needs?

Phil's Transport & Storage has the experience and contacts to make your Los Angeles film set move fast and easy. 

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Storing Your Paintings, Photography, and Other Wall Decor

Your paintings are an investment, and your photos hold your most cherished memories. When you need to pack them away for awhile, protecting them from deterioration should be your utmost concern. Delicate, decorative items are prone to damage from a number of factors, and improper storage tops the list.

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What Types of Services Are Included in Film and Studio Moves?

Moving television, film and music studios is a complex thing to do. You have to ensure all of the electronic equipment is properly unplugged and disconnected, packed up, transported and then set back up or the pieces may not work. If you are moving one of these types of studios, it is a task that is best left to the professionals due to its complexity. However, if you have never moved a studio before, you may be unsure what types of services are included in these moves. Here are a few of the services that most professionals who offer film and studio moves include as part of the move.

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Los Angeles, CA Local Movers Phil's Transfer has a truck ready for you!

Our fleet contains a variety of trucks ranging from straight (box) trucks for the smaller jobs and semi-trailers for larger jobs. Some of our services we provide for moving jobs are:

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