As your company grows, you’ll face the challenge of relocating to a larger facility to keep up with the increasing demand for your product. When the time comes that you decide to move, you’ll need to make some critical decisions and develop a strategic plan. Phil’s Moving & Storage can help you relocate your company and navigate through every stage of the project. Below are some of our tips that will keep you and your staff safe during the move.


Hire a Professional Moving Company

A corporate or industrial move is an overwhelming task without enlisting the help of a professional moving service. We can sit down with you and go over the details of the move to determine where the safety issues lie. From there we can develop a plan on how to best move every item efficiently and safely.


Key Areas of Concern

Regardless of the many reasons for relocating a manufacturing facility, when your company makes the final decision to transfer, it's up to the plant engineering staff and its supporting contractors to execute the project. Your team will need to be aware of key areas of concern. These areas include:


Layouts. The layout of the new facility will determine the sequence of the move. We’ll designate some areas as a top priority. Keep in mind, the design of the current facility will also govern our decision making in which items go first and which go last. Once we get a good understanding of the layout and item designation, we can begin the moving process.


Equipment Condition. Those who are in charge of equipment need to assess the condition of the equipment. This assessment needs to be well-documented. If we know the current condition of the equipment in your building, we can make arrangements on how to best move it.


Logistics. Like most businesses, you’ll want us to set things up a certain way. To accomplish this, we’ll need to know about your facility’s logistics. For instance, we’ll need a basic layout of systems such as electrical, plumbing, communications, and any other systems embedded in the building. We'll have a good idea of where to position each piece of equipment.


Scheduling. Development of the overall plan for a relocation project is perhaps the most critical and challenging aspect of plant relocations. The schedule may have to consider time for gradual workload reduction at the current location while increasing production at the new facility, which may require sequencing specific equipment and infrastructure to meet this requirement.


Trust Your Industrial Move with Phil’s Moving & Storage

If you are getting ready to undertake a corporate or industrial relocation, contact Phil’s Moving & Storage. Our commercial movers specialize in corporate relocations and large-scale industrial moves in the Los Angeles, California area. We also offer climate-controlled storage buildings if you need to store any of your business equipment securely. To schedule a relocation, contact us at 323-666-8550, or you can message us at