Relocating a business is a significant undertaking. It doesn’t just happen overnight. You and your employees will have to strategize and plan over the next few months to ensure that the relocation goes smoothly and nothing is left out. Phil’s Transfer & Storage can help you with many of the details. We offer comprehensive on-site planning before you move. Below are some items we can help you with so that don’t miss a thing.


Reserve Your Moving Company Now

There are thousands of business in the Los Angeles area. Moving services like Phil’s Transfer & Storage book dates every day. So if you want to secure our moving service, you’ll need to reserve your truck, equipment, and crew months in advance. With all you have to do, you don’t want to miss the most critical item. Call us now to schedule your move date.


Reserve Your Climate-Controlled Storage Building Now

In addition to moving, you may need a storage facility that can accommodate your company’s inventory. We offer climate-controlled storage buildings for small and large companies in Los Angeles. Our storage units fill up fast, so now is the time get yours. If you’re not sure how much space your business will require, we can help you with an accurate estimate. We offer both short and long-term storage service.


Purchasing or Renting Your Packing Materials

Commercial moves differ from residential moves in that much of the equipment and supplies you’ll be moving require specialized packing materials. We offer a wide assortment of durable packing materials that can handle office equipment of all shapes and sizes. Our products will keep all of your items safe before the move and during the transfer. To find out more about what we offer, give us a call.


Hiring a Crew to Help You

Not all moving services offer a full crew to help you pack and unpack. This is why many companies turn to Phil’s Transfer & Storage. Our moving service is comprehensive, meaning we do it all for you from planning to execution of the relocation. We provide experienced, well-trained commercial movers who can safely and efficiently pack and unpack all of your inventory. If you reserve storage units, we can also unpack all items into the climate-controlled storage building. We do it all during the move so that you can focus on running your business.


Complete Moving Service in Los Angeles

When you get ready to relocate your business, then contact Phil’s Transfer & Storage. We offer a wide range of moving services including packing/unpacking, relocation planning, and equipment & truck rental. We are committed to making your move a pleasant experience instead of a dreaded hassle. To find out more about our services and schedule a move date, call us at 323-666-8550, or you can message us at We offer residential and commercial moving service in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.