Moving to a new home locally, intrastate, interstate, or internationally can be exciting. However, moving all your belongings is not exciting. In Los Angeles, California, Phil’s Transfer and Storage wants to make that move easier on you. Let us get your belongings where they need to be. Here are six things people hate to move.


1. Household Appliances

Moving a toaster or electric can opener can be easy. However, moving the refrigerator, stove, or washer and dryer can make you not want to move. These appliances are big, bulky, and heavy. Our movers at Phil’s Transfer and Storage have the proper tools and equipment to move these appliances for you.


2. Piano

A piano being played is beautiful and enjoyable to hear. Pianos are not enjoyable to move. There are a lot of small fragile pieces inside of a piano. For this reason, they are delicate to move. They are big, heavy, and awkwardly shaped. This is another reason pianos are difficult to move.


3. Sleeper Sofas

A regular couch weighs about 300 pounds. If you have a sleeper sofa, add another 60-75 pounds to that. That amount of weight makes a piece of furniture heavy to move. The weight of the couch is not the only difficult part, the bed inside of the couch could come out while it is being moved. Phil’s Transfer and Storage can move your sleeper sofa with the proper technique.


4. Exercise Equipment

Already-assembled exercise equipment is bulky and heavy. Disassembling exercise equipment makes it easier to move. Our Phil’s Transfer and Storage movers can disassemble and reassemble your exercise equipment for you with the correct tools, which they will have with them on moving day.


5. Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are nice to sleep on but not nice to move. New foam mattresses are more heavy, flimsy, and burdensome than older firmer mattresses. This makes them harder to move. Our movers will have the proper tools and equipment to get your foam mattresses moved quickly and efficiently.


6. Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are fun and space saving, however, people hate moving them. Dismantling them and putting bunk beds back together is what makes them difficult to move. You do not have to do this yourself. We will gladly dismantle, move, and put together your bunk beds. We have all the necessary tools to get the job done.


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