If your company is planning to relocate, you may have some concerns about how you are going to get your big, expensive industrial equipment from one place to the other. You need professionals who can help you pack your industrial equipment. Phil’s Transfer & Storage specializes in commercial and industrial moves. Phil’s Transfer & Storage can help you coordinate your industrial relocation to make a move as easy as possible for your company.


1. Site Assessment

When planning for an industrial relocation, we can visit your site and asses all the items that we need to pack and move. After the assessment, we will recommend the best way to pack all industrial equipment so that it is safe and secure for transportation. We can pack all industrial machine according to safety regulations. We will use heavy duty materials for all equipment to protect them from damage. One of our relocation specialists will be assigned to coordinate all the details of your company’s industrial move so that everything goes smoothly.


2. Preparing Industrial Equipment For Packing

Industrial equipment requires special handling and preparation for moving. Customized pallets, crates, and skids contain special bracing for industrial equipment as well as other supplies and inventory in your facility. This prevents any shifting of the equipment, thus, making it stable for transportation. Once we pack the equipment, it can then be loaded onto the moving truck.


3. Labels

We can help you label all equipment and other inventory once it is are packed and ready for loading. Our industrial movers will recommend what information should be on the label. Labels should be large enough for you to easily see when loading and unloading. Once we label the items, they are ready for loading.


4. Take Inventory of Items

Taking inventory of all equipment is the most efficient way to keep track of all your industrial equipment. All equipment should be loaded according to the area or department it belongs in. The relocation specialist will take inventory of your equipment at it is being loaded onto the truck. Once we take inventory, we will provide you with a copy of the inventory sheet.


Phil’s Transfer & Storage of Los Angeles, California

Phil’s Transfer & Storage is a moving company has the best customer service in the area. We will work with you according to your schedule for the best moving time that meets your needs. Our commercial moving service will pack and unpack all of your industrial equipment and move it to its new area. To schedule moving service, call us at 323-666-8550, or you can message us at info@philstransfer.com.