Electronics can be among the most delicate and time-consuming items to packing and move. Computers, tablets, video game systems, stereo equipment and televisions are all high-dollar investments. These items can suffer damage when packing them in a box or transporting them in the truck.


Phil’s Moving & Storage provides residential and commercial packing services in the Los Angeles area. If you decide to pack and move your own items, however, here are some tips to guide you along the way:


1. Follow The User’s Manual

Your user’s manual may provide detailed instructions on how to transport your electronic item. If not, you may find some information online. Try to find packing and moving information on the manufacturer’s website. If it’s not available, then Google it.


2. Keep Your Original Boxes and Packing

Save the original boxes and packing materials for repacking. This ensures that you will have the right-sized box when you move. It’s also a good idea to keep the original packing. For instance, your electronic device may come with plastic bags and styrofoam brackets or ‘popcorn.’


3. Use Safe, Cushioned Packing Materials


If you do not have the original packing, then purchase some cushioned packing. Contact Phil’s Transfer & Storage to find out what packing products we carry. They may be perfect for your electronics. The more you can cushion your devices, the most they can withstand any type of impact or fall.


4. Keep the Cords With the Component


While there a wide range of solutions out there for keeping track of your cords (labeling them), the best solution is to keep the cord with the electronic device at all times. When you pack the device, put the cord in the box.


When you unload the box and place your device in your home, place the cord right next to it. Even labeled or categorized cords require a little guesswork. Keep the cord with the device solves all possible issues.


5. Keep Electronics Away From Hot Environments


During the summertime, everything can get hot - moving trucks, storage units, new homes, old homes, garages. Your electronics are likely to suffer from the heat. Here four ways to avoid subjecting your devices to the heat:


●        Put them on the truck last and take off.

●        When you stop for gas or breaks, open the truck and let the heated air out.

●        Transport your electronics in your car or SUV where you’re likely to turn on the AC.

●        Rent a climate-controlled storage unit that inside a building.


6. Keep High-Dollar Items With You


If you have a $2500 computer or a $2,000 entertainment system, you may want to put these items in your car and make sure they are close you. If they are by your side, you can monitor them and make sure they arrive safely at your destination.


No matter where you store your most expensive electronics, take the time to secure them in secure packing, boxes, and additional padding. You’ll be glad you did.


7. Take Inventory


Create a quick Excel spreadsheet or open up the notes app on your phone. This will allow you to take inventory as you go. Taking inventory will allow you to determine if everything made it and where it will go when you arrive at your new home.


When taking inventory, include the cords and any accessories like remotes, batteries, and game pieces. Keep all of these items together in the same box if possible.


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