In some ways, moving into a smaller home or apartment can save you money on rent and utilities. You find it stressful, however, as you decide what’s going in the new place and what is not.


If you are planning to downsize into a smaller space, Phil’s Moving & Storage can help you pack and move to help make the transition go much smoother. To schedule a professional moving service in Los Angeles, contact us today. Below are some tips help you through the process.

1. Take Inventory

You may find it difficult to discern what is going with you and what you are leaving behind if you don’t even know what you currently own. Therefore, your first step should be to take a comprehensive inventory of everything in your home. Make a list of all your belongings. This will be the basis upon which you decide what you are going to do with each item.

2. Take Measurements of the New Floorplan

Next, you’ll need to know how much space is in the new place. Try to speak with an apartment manager, a landlord, or the previous owners of the home you’re moving to about the floorplan. Try to get the exact square footage. You can compare those figures with your furniture and other belongings to determine what can go into the new place.

3. Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

If it’s impossible to fit all of your belongings in your new home, you may want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled unit will protect all stored items from theft, weather conditions, pests, and other possible hazards.


You can use your inventory list to decide which items should go into storage. Phil’s Transfer & Storage can also help you calculate the size of the unit you’ll need.

4. Prioritize Your Inventory

The quickest way to figure out what you’re going to do with everything is to prioritize your inventory. Start with the items you can’t live without. This would include the day to day belongs that you will use often. Next, list your high-dollar valuables. From there, you can decide what will go into storage. Last, decide what items you are going to throw or give away.

5. Declutter & Get Rid of the Junk

Moving to a new home provides you with an opportunity to get rid of the junk. If you’re a hoarder, you may want to enlist the help of a friend or family member who can help you stay objective about what you need and what you don’t need. Getting rid of what you don’t need will give you a fresh start and make moving a less stressful experience.

6. Plan Early

Give yourself some time to formulate a game plan for moving into your new place. Since most of your decisions will revolve around inventory, then try to get a head start on downsizing everything you own. Spend 20 to 30 minutes each day or go from room to room. By giving yourself plenty of time to plan, you’ll be able to think clearly without being in a rush.

Professional Moving Service in Los Angeles

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