Most of the items that you move in your home or office can be placed in boxes, taped up, and shipped out with little effort. But how do you move your most valuable, expensive items? Phil’s Transfer & Storage has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you transfer all of your valuables safely and efficiently. Below are some of our tips for moving your expensive possessions.

Take Inventory

The best way to keep up with your most cherished household items is to keep a running list of everything that you consider valuable. Add items to the list as you go from room to room. You may also want to take photos or videos of your items. Documenting your delicate valuables will help you make a claim against the moving company’s insurance company if necessary.

Isolate Your Valuables

Separating your high-end valuables from the rest of your household items will keep you from searching for them on moving day. Phil’s Transfer & Storage residential movers will also be able to designate how and where to pack the items.


You may want to move all valuables to a safe, low-traffic area. We recommend that you do not stack the items on top of each other to avoid damage from weight or falling to the ground.

Take Out Moving Insurance

While it may not be necessary to insure your entire household inventory, you may want to consider purchasing additional insurance from the moving company or your homeowner’s insurance to cover your valuable items.


Three types of insurance to choose from include:


1.      Basic carrier liability: Coverage is free and based on weight, paying up to 60 cents per pound for an item. The minimum required by law is $500 and is usually offered to you for free by the moving company.

2.      Full replacement value protection: You must purchase this coverage according to federal laws. It pays for either the current market replacement value of an item, replacement with a similar item, or the item's repair. If you choose full value protection, get the details of your moving company's specific plan items of high value.

3.      Separate liability insurance: Liability insurance pays for the insurance amount purchased minus the basic carrier liability amount that the mover pays (up to 60 cents per pound). Get a copy of your policy and understand the amount of insurance you purchased and the cost for this coverage.

Hire Professional Residential Packers

A moving team can wrap, package, and pack all your items of extraordinary value while you take care of other pressing matters. Professional movers bring tools, supplies, packing materials, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that your delicate items reach their destination safely.


They also have the strength and endurance to carry, load, and unload your items as long as it takes.

Purchase High-Quality Packing Supplies

The best packing boxes, bags, and specialty packaging are not necessary for all your home items. But if you are going to stretch your budget a bit on moving supplies, then dedicate every dime to your precious valuables.


If you are unsure what supplies you should purchase, A Phil’s Transfer & Storage professional can answer your questions and recommend that right packing for any item you have in mind. We can also pack all of your valuables for you and protect them from possible damage.

Residential Moving Service in Los Angeles

When you get ready to move, then contact Phil’s Transfer & Storage. We can help you with your entire residential or commercial move from start to finish. We offer transportation, moving equipment and supplies, and professional movers that can safely store all the items in your moving truck.


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