A mover can help to make your move easier. They can pack your belongings, lift heavy furniture and transport your items from one location to another. As you look to hire a mover, you may see the terms intrastate moves or movers and interstate moves or movers. If you have never hired a mover before, you may be unsure what these terms mean, how the two different types of moves or movers differ and what factors you need to consider in interstate movers that you don't have to consider in intrastate movers. Here is some information you should know. 


What is an Intrastate Move?

An intrastate move is a move that occurs within state lines. An intrastate move is often referred to as a local move. For example, a move that takes place in Los Angeles, California and ends in San Diego, California would be considered an intrastate move because the mover never crossed over state lines. 


What is an Interstate Move?

An interstate move is a move that crosses over state lines. For example, a move that starts in Los Angeles, California and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada would be an interstate move, as the mover has to cross over state lines. These types of moves are often advertise as long distance movers or out of state movers. 


What to Consider When Hiring an Interstate Mover?

When you are looking to hire an interstate mover, it is important that you ensure the mover is federally licensed. Intrastate movers only need to carry a license in the state in which they operate. However, once a mover crosses over state lines, they need a federal license in order to operate. In order to get an interstate moving license, a mover must show that they know the various laws for operating a moving service in various states and hold enough insurance based on the various states that they may travel into. 


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