A storage facility provides you with a space to store your belongings. You can store them shortly when you are between houses while moving, or for the longer term when you need more space than your current house provides. Whether you plan to store your items for a short time or for several months, you need to carefully consider what storage facility is ideal for you. Here are a few of the factors you should consider when selecting a storage facility:


●        Is the Facility Indoor or Outdoor?

As you look into moving your belongings into storage, you need to consider whether a storage facility has units indoors or outdoors. Indoor units, like those with Phil’s Transfer and Storage are climate controlled, which is ideal for belongings that include leather items, wood furniture, and art work. Climate controlled units protect your belongings from weather extremes, such as freezing temperatures or humidity.


●        What Security Measures Does the Facility Have in Place?

Another important element to consider is what security measures the facility has in place. The right security measures help to protect your belongings against theft. At Phil’s Transfer and Storage, we have cameras and a security gate to deter theft.


●        The Size of the Units Offered

Different storage facilities have different sized units available to rent. When you are looking for a storage facility, take the time to learn what size of units a facility offers, and then find a facility that offers a unit that offers you the space you need. A unit that is too small won't provide you with the space you need, while a unit that is too big may wind up costing you more for space you also don't require.


●        The Overall Appearance of the Facility

The last factor to consider when you are selecting a storage facility is the overall appearance of the facility and the units. Take a look at the facility and units and determine how well maintained the facility is. Look for units that do not have split seams, rust, or obvious signs of pests. At Phil’s Transfer and Storage, our climate controlled storage facilities are regularly maintained and kept in the best shape for our customers.


Are you looking to move items into storage for either a short period or long period of time? At Phil's Transfer and Storage, we can help you with all your moving needs, including offering climate controlled and secure storage facilities. Contact us today to get an estimate!