Maybe you already have a storage unit and use it to house your college student’s items while they're home for the summer. Perhaps you first got your unit when you needed extra space to store items during a move or when you were downsizing a home. While there's nothing wrong with using a storage facility for these tried-and-true reasons, they are ideal for a number of out-of-the-box applications, as well.

1. Make Room For an Artist Studio

If you simply lack the room at home to create your art, renting a unit at a storage facility provide the solution to help you attain the perfect space at home. This can also be a more affordable option if the price of renting space in a building or strip mall is too high. You can just work from that spare room in your home! 

2. Set up a Library

More than one person has seen their love of books outgrow the confines of the available bookshelves in their home. If you're like most book lovers and find it nearly impossible to part with any of your treasured tomes, a climate-controlled unit at a storage facility could be the answer. You could even set it up as a cozy reading nook by adding a comfortable chair, lighting, and a throw rug.

3. Musical Instrument Storage

The first musical instrument that comes to mind and that’s sometimes difficult to store is a full-sized piano. Whether yours is a treasured family heirloom that you simply don't have room for in your home, or you're keeping one around in the hopes that your children will pick it up, housing it in a nearby storage unit provides you with the climate-controlled protection it needs and the flexibility you want.

Other musical instruments can also be stored there, too. From electric guitars and drums to banjos and mandolins, no matter which direction your musical tastes run, a unit in a storage facility can help manage them. A storage unit is also a good place to store band instruments in between local gigs. Because of the ample space and constant temperature, you'll always know that they be easy to access and in perfect condition.

4. Party and/or Gift Storage

Have a kid's birthday party coming up and don't know how you're going to keep the presents a surprise? A storage unit is a quick and easy answer. This is also a good solution if you're planning a party and need a landing place for the decorations, supplies and other things that go into such an event.

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