Moving television, film and music studios is a complex thing to do. You have to ensure all of the electronic equipment is properly unplugged and disconnected, packed up, transported and then set back up or the pieces may not work. If you are moving one of these types of studios, it is a task that is best left to the professionals due to its complexity. However, if you have never moved a studio before, you may be unsure what types of services are included in these moves. Here are a few of the services that most professionals who offer film and studio moves include as part of the move.


Custom Crating Services

Many of the items in your studio will need to be properly packed to ensure they do not shift during transport. Things like soundboards have many different parts that can break if they shift or move during transport. As such, placing them in bubble wrap and a box won't suffice because they are too delicate. Because of this, most movers offer custom crating services. They will build a wooden crate to perfectly fit the items that are being transported and help prevent them from moving during the move.


Transporting Services

Another service that is included in film and studio moves is transportation services. This means that a moving company will get your studio from point A to point B. Depending on the weight of your items and the distance, this may be done using specialized freight services, crates, and shipping containers or may be done in a standard moving truck.


Tear Down and Set Up

The last service that moving companies include in studio moves is tear down and set up services. Most moving companies will have professionals who know how to disconnect and take apart your electronic items and then put them back together again at your new studio, ensuring they work and everything is ready for you to use again.


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