Are you bringing your next big movie or television project to the Los Angeles area? Your budget requires that you keep a close eye on costs, but for some film/studio services looking for a newbie to take care of the transportation of sets and equipment can end up costing you big time in the end. Phil's Transfer & Storage offers an easy and reliable option for your moving, storage, packing, and day labor needs. Our familiarity with the film industry makes us the right choice for so many reasons.

A Trusted Los Angeles Transportation Company with Current Contacts

Phil's Transfer & Storage has built a reputation within the industry as a fast, friendly, and prompt business ready to take care of moving your sets and all the peripherals that go with it. We are familiar with all the big studios, the local geography, and many of the supporting businesses that you will likely hire. Your production crew will not have to help us find our way or show us how it is done. We’ve got this, which means you are free to work through other move-related events that may arise on set.

Packing Up the Sets for Fast and Accurate Relocation

Are you moving from a closed set to location shots and need to recreate a set? Since Phil's understands what you need to be done, we will pack up each set, label every box and crate, and create an itemized inventory so that your crew can find what they require on the other end. We can also help you unload at the new place.


Are you going on hiatus and need the props and furniture stored? We maintain our own secure warehouse with monitored security. When the production is ready to get back to work, we can retrieve your set and unpack without delay.


Do you just need some extra muscle while rearranging the shoot? We have staff that is familiar with sets and will be able to provide a helping hand without getting underfoot.

Handling Your Sensitive Equipment with Care

Shooting a show or movie requires more than a living room complete with curtains, rugs, and knick-knacks. You also have lighting, rigging, screens, sound equipment, and a wealth of other items that are specific to the film industry. Our film/studio moving services include proper packing of all electronics, computers, cords, and clipboards. If you need temperature controlled storage for your sensitive items, we can take care of that detail.


Your set likely includes office trailers, too. Our commercial moving specialists are well-trained to breakdown desks, networks, and the working infrastructure needed to keep your life on schedule. Are you positioning trailers for the talent? Our truck drivers have current CDL licenses and are fully insured and are available to get everything in place before day one of the shoot.

An All-in-One Approach to Your Logistics Challenges

If you decide to take all your set transportation and moving needs one step at a time, you are going to be on the phone every week calling a separate storage facility, hiring day labor, digging through poorly labeled equipment and slowing down your shoot. Phil's Transfer & Storage is your one-stop-shop for many film/set services.

●        Professional Movers: Check. We have the materials, trucks, and experience to pack it up and send it to storage on your schedule.

●        Relocation Expert: If you require assistance in deciding what goes first, our expert will come to you ahead of the move to review the project and provide a workable schedule.

●        Secure Storage Facility: Yes. There is no mystery about where your set will be stored. Our warehouse is monitored and accessible.

●        National Coordination: Yes. We are an Atlas Van Lines agent, so we can help you take the show on the road.

●        Extra Help as Needed: Yes. Let us know when you will be rearranging sets, and we will be there.

●        It's Who You Know: Yes. Since we regularly work with a variety of studios in Los Angeles, we can help you connect with other reputable services in the area.

Meeting Deadlines and Multiple Locations

If you work in the film industry, you are well aware that keeping the shoot on schedule means making the money people happy. At Phil's Transfer & Storage, we completely understand the situation. We can work with everyone to guarantee that key equipment is able to be moved quickly and safely back and forth while keeping an eye on the calendar.


Ultimately, there is no question that giving the professional movers a call to handle your film equipment and set moves will pay off in the end. At Phil's, we will work with you every step of the way to track every item, lend a hand with packing, and provide the muscle to get it done on time. Give us a call today for a quote and to check availability for our film/studio services.