When moving, you don’t want any of your items to break in transit. We also know that you especially don’t want your expensive and most valued items destroyed as you move. Whether you’ve moved before or this is your first time, Phil’s Transfer & Storage can help ensure all of your items make it safely to your new home. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to make sure your move is efficient and successful. Below are six best practices to follow when moving your most valued items.


1.      Inventory All of Your Possessions

During your move, inventory everything. When categorizing your inventory list, separate your valuable items from your other household items. Keeping a list of all of your items will not only help you know where your items are, but it will also help you keep track of what has been packed and moved to ensure nothing is lost. If you find yourself in the worst case scenario and your items are lost, you’ll need documentation to be able to file a claim with your moving company or your insurance provider. When in doubt, document it!

2.      Purchase Moving Insurance

It’s most likely not necessary to insure every single item you own. However, we do recommend you insure your most valuable items to guarantee they are protected. We at Phil’s Transfer & Storage do offer insurance. We’ll be able to work with you to ensure you have the right coverage for the right items. Even the most experienced professional movers can have something go wrong. If you have insurance, your items will be protected even if the worst-case scenario becomes your reality. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

3.      Don’t Move the Bulky Items on Your Own

The more an object weighs, the greater the chance you could injure yourself if you try to move it on your own. Phil’s Transfer & Storage can provide a crew of as many movers as it takes to make sure your large items are moved safely. We provide our professional movers with the training needed to ensure an efficient and safe move for all involved. If needed, we can provide a separate vehicle if you’d rather have your valuable items moved separately. Whether you are completing a residential or commercial move, we’ve got the right crew for you.

4.      Purchase Durable Moving Supplies

Moving is expensive. It makes sense that people want to find ways to cut down on their expenses. Some families will do anything they can to find as many free boxes instead of purchasing new moving supplies. While using free boxes can work for some of the items in your home, Phil’s Transfer & Storage recommends you purchase padded boxes for items that might be fragile such as glass items, jewelry, artwork, and various other items that could potentially break during transit. Please ask us about the types of packing supplies we have, and we’ll make sure to use the correct supplies to ensure your valuable items are protected.

5.      Pay Special Attention to Your Dishes

Dishes, especially family heirlooms or crystal, can easily break during transit. Oftentimes, people will pack dishes by placing them on top of one another with nothing but tissue in between each piece. This doesn’t always end well. The best way to pack dishes is to place them in a bod standing on their edge with sufficient filling in between each piece. If you do this, they’ll be less likely to break during your move.

6.      Glass Artwork and Glass Displays

Most people have paintings, photos, or other items that have glass covers on top to protect them. These pieces can be some of the most valuable items people own. Protecting those glass covers during a move can be difficult. A trick to help these items stay in one piece is to use painter’s tape or masking tape to place a big “X” over the glass. The painters or masking tape will help stabilize the display and prevent it from shattering.

Professional Movers Make Life Easier

Once you’ve made the decision to move, please contact Phil’s Transfer & Storage so we can help you with your residential or commercial move. We offer a multitude of services to help with your move such as climate-controlled storage and file/studio services. If you live in the LA Metro, call us today 323-666-8550 and we’ll get your move scheduled. We can’t wait to help you move!