Without the right plan in place, moving your business could be a catastrophe. Two things to help prevent a disaster when relocating your business are to have a plan in place and to use the right tools. At Phil’s Transfer & Storage, we are here to help you stay organized while you relocate your business. Below are tips to follow to help you stay organized while you relocate your business.



1.    Develop a Timeline

At Phil’s Transfer & Storage, we have been helping businesses relocate for years. Our years of experience have allowed us to streamline the process, which helps us provide you with a timely and efficient move of your company. We will partner with you to create a timeline for your move, and not only make sure the timeline works for you, we’ll also make sure the timeline provides us with ample time to make the relocation as smooth as possible.


2.    Map Out Your Move

If you provide us with a copy of the floorplan of your new location, we can begin to plan the move. Our team of relocation experts will assign a designated spot for each of your items. Below are some things to keep in mind when deciding what will go where:


●        Does the designated spot allow for efficient workflow in the new space?

●        Is the office equipment in the right spot so there is enough power/electrical outlets for all items?

●        Does the conference room have enough space for all items? Are there any other large group settings in the new building to store items during the relocation?

●        What departments are in the company, and are assignments categorized by these departments? Do the company departments affect what items go where?


3.    Create a Seamless Workflow

If a relocation is done correctly, it won’t interfere with the workflow of your daily operations. Once a detailed strategy is in place, our team can tweak the plans to ensure that workflow interruptions are minimal so your team can stay as productive as possible.


We will support you through the relocation by moving your business by each segment with the intention of having one segment already up and working by the time the next segment is relocated. We will do everything in our power so your relocation is smooth, efficient, and has as few interruptions to your business as possible.


4.    Create a Packing Timeline

Your packing timeline is essentially a to-do list of what and how you will pack for your business relocation. You’ll want to decide what and how your inventory and business assets should be packed. We can help you do this. For machines, computers, or other technology, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. For these items, you can follow the specific instructions of the manufacturer, which will help prevent damage to any of your equipment. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will also ensure you don’t accidentally void any warranties that are in place.


5.    Get Estimates for Your Relocation

Moving experts will help you with your business relocation. We want you to know you are getting the best in the business by hiring Phil’s Transfer & Storage, so we ask you to first get a couple of quotes from other experts, as well. You can compare the quotes yourself to see that Phil’s Transfer & Storage truly is the best choice.


6.    Involve Your Team in the Business Relocation Plan

As the owner of the business, you are ultimately responsible for deciding whether a relocation is what’s best for your company. Before you decide, consider working with your employees to have them share their take on the move. If your goal in relocating is to tap into a new market, your own sales team could help you decide what new market would be best. If you continue to keep your employees in the business relocation plan, they can continue to offer ideas that will lead to a more efficient moving day.


Hire Phil’s Transfer & Storage

Once you know it’s time to relocate your business, hire Phil’s Transfer & Storage. Our experience with commercial moves is exactly what you need to ensure a successful relocation. Whether you are a small or large business, we are the right company to hire for your move. We specialize in commercial relocations for businesses of any size. We’ll handle your move with expertise and efficiency. We will support you with the full scope of moving services you need, including planning, packing, unpacking, and transportation. Our commitment to you is to ensure your relocation is easy and efficient.


To receive a free quote, contact us today at 323-666-8550, to get started with your business relocation.