Whether you’re planning a move this spring or spring cleaning has you wishing for a little more room around the house, a storage unit can help save your sanity. At Phil’s Transfer & Storage, we know how much your belongings mean to you. We also know that unless you pack them properly, you could be left disappointed when you collect them from your unit. If you’re getting ready to pack things up and shuttle them off for safekeeping, we’ve put together a brief guide on how to select the right unit for your needs and how to store your items safely. Happy packing!


Scope Out the Appropriate Size Unit

Before you begin the packing process, it’s important to determine which size storage unit is most appropriate for your needs. To do that, you’ll first need to decide which items you plan to store, which will give you a general idea of the volume required to safely accommodate your possessions.


Self-storage is super convenient because units are available in a wide variety of sizes and price points. Whether you’re storing just a few small boxes or an entire home full of furniture, you can find a storage unit to meet your needs. Most often, you’ll find storage units in the following sizes:


●        5X5 Unit. If you’re planning to store just a few things, this unit is roughly the size of a residential closet, which makes it ideal for safeguarding smaller boxes of household items.

●        5X10 Unit. This size storage unit will protect the contents of a small studio apartment, including chairs, a small mattress, kitchen appliances, and smaller boxes. It can also function as a motorcycle storage space.

●        5X15 Unit. This size space is ideal for storing the contents of a one-bedroom apartment and will fit a small dining set, a couch, chairs, bicycles, or sporting equipment.

●        10X10 Unit. If you have a two-bedroom apartment, this size unit is the perfect place to keep your possessions. It will contain a king-size mattress, a dining room set, and larger furniture.

●        10X15 Unit. Great for storing the contents of a three-bedroom space, this size unit will contain large furniture pieces, large televisions, bicycles, sporting equipment, and large musical instruments, such as pianos and drum sets.

●        10X20 Unit. If you’re planning to store a vehicle, this size unit will most likely accommodate it. It’s also ideal if you plan to store large amounts of furniture or large pieces of sporting equipment.

●        10X30 Unit. If you have a small boat or a large vehicle to protect, a 10X30 unit is a perfect place to store it. You can fill the remaining space with a substantial amount of furniture or recreational equipment. O, if you’re planning an interstate move, this unit will contain the majority of the contents within a large home while you settle into your new space.


If Possible, Opt for Climate-Controlled Units

Once you’ve got your storage unit size nailed down, you’ll have to decide between a standard or climate-controlled storage unit. Climate-controlled storage offers superior protection from extreme temperatures that often deteriorate possessions over time, especially if you plan to store electronics, important documents, or wood and upholstered furniture.


Beyond temperature control, climate control also offers protection against damaging humidity (moisture) that can slowly degrade your valuables. Depending on what you plan to store, a climate-controlled unit is almost always the ideal choice, but for short-term storage of non-sensitive items, a basic unit will likely suffice.


Short-Term Storage Tips

Short-term storage typically refers to items you plan to store for a period of three months or less. When packing for a relatively brief storage period, here’s what we recommend:


●        Use dust coverings to drape large pieces of furniture. Because dust and dirt have less time to settle on your possessions, heavy-duty protection typically isn’t necessary.

●        If you’re packing fragile valuables, be extra careful with the items you plan to store short term. Since you’ll likely be in and out of the unit, shifting things around quite frequently, use protective packing materials to safeguard fragile items from shifting and breakage.

●        Leave yourself an aisle in the middle of the unit, which allows you quick and easy access to any items you may need. Try to maximize the unit’s vertical space as well as you can to leave plenty of room for shifting things around.


Regardless of how long you plan to store your items, it’s always a smart idea to label any boxes and keep an inventory of what’s inside your unit.


Long-Term Storage Tips

If you’re storing your items for longer than three months, you’ll need to perform a few extra packing steps to ensure they’re well protected long term. Here’s what we suggest:


●        Avoid packing in plastic bags. Plastic can trap ambient moisture against your belongings, which can encourage mold and mildew growth.

●        Use robust boxes. Boxes are more protective against water damage than other packing materials, but only if they're fully intact and sturdy. You can acquire used boxes from almost anywhere, but they may not be in great condition, which can leave your belongings open to deterioration. For superior protection, purchase dedicated moving boxes from your local moving company.

●        Protect fragile belongings. For the best protection, wrap fragile items and valuables individually before placing them inside your boxes. If possible, try to place those boxes away from the rest of your stored belongings.

●        Try vacuum sealing. If you’re storing clothing, curtains, pillows, or other cloth items, vacuum-seal bags are a great way to keep dust and dirt from permeating the fabric.

●        Use pallets. If you have access to pallets, place them on the floor of your storage unit to encourage airflow and elevate your belongings off the ground.


If you plan to store your belongings for several months, always opt for a storage solution that features robust security monitoring and routine inventory checkups. At Phil’s Transfer & Storage, we offer both to give you extra peace of mind. And, for superior safety, we also provide specialized long-term storage protection to ensure your items suffer no wear throughout the duration of their stay.


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