In order to get the best of the best employees, you may offer relocation services to your employees. This means that you may cover their moving expenses when they move to work in one of your offices. However, this can be a bit stressful to both you and your employee They will be busy preparing for a move to a new area, and you will be trying to figure out how to make their move as easy as possible so they can come to work and focus on their work quickly. At Phil's Transfer and Storage, we can help you ensure that employee relocation goes smoothly for all of the involved parties. Here is how.


Meeting With the Employee to Discuss Their Moving Needs

When you contact us to provide relocation assistance to one of your employees, one of the first things we will do is get in contact with the employee. If possible, we prefer to meet at their current residence. During this meeting, we will assess what their moving needs are and what services they will need. Meeting in their home allows us to determine how much stuff they have, what exactly they are moving and allows us to provide a more accurate moving quote. We offer a wide range of moving services, including loading, unloading, packing and transporting services. Your employee may prefer to pack themselves or may want a full-service move. Meeting with them allows us to explain how we can help and lets them determine what services they want to utilize.


Billing Made Clear and Simple

When it comes to relocation services, billing tends to be complicated. If you are paying for your employee's entire move, we will deal with you, the employer, for the billing. This ensures your employee does not have to pay the bill and wait for reimbursement. If you are only paying a certain amount or certain percentage of the bill, we can break down the bill and bill each party separately, making the billing process easy on all involved parties.


Ensuring Everything Goes as Planned

Lastly, we will ensure everything goes as planned. We will arrive to pack when we say we will. We will load up and transport on the requested day. And we will unpack your employee's belongings in their new home. This helps to ensure that they can get to work for you quickly and won't have to stress about where their furniture is or unpacking. They can focus on their work, doing the job you hired them to do.


When you need help relocating your employees, you want to use a professional moving service that you can trust. Phil's Transfer and Storage is committed to making every move as seamless and effortless as possible. When you are looking to move a film or studio service, a home, apartment or condo, need help with packing services, need employee relocation assistance or are looking for climate controlled and secure storage facilities, turn to us. Call us today to discuss your moving needs and let us provide you with an estimate.