Moving you and your family to another country can be a grand adventure. It can also be a difficult challenge if you don’t have an action plan in place. We’ve helped many families make a successful voyage across the seas and over the borders in a seamless manner. We have found that one of the greatest challenges what possessions you’re allowed to take when you move. We break it down for you in this brief guide below. Call us at 323-666-8550 to find out more. We’re here to help!


What Should Go?


All Important Documentation. These items should be at the top of your priority list when moving internationally. Locate them and secure them in a small safe or a secure package. The core documents that we recommend would include passports, visas, birth certificates, and even social security cards. Take all other ID cards as well.


Clothing. Before we help you pack all your clothes and take off to another country, you’ll want to stop to consider two things: The climate and the fashion. Take a minute to research both and try to follow suit.


Personal Hygiene Products. Although some of your hygiene products or medications will come under scrutiny at the border, you should be allowed to bring most items with you. Remember, that many countries do not carry the same products as the U.S. You may want to stock up.


Personal or Family Memorabilia. We recommend packing all of your family albums, memory books, photos, and any other sentimental items when going overseas. They will keep you connected to those you love back home. We can provide special packing for these items so that they do not get damaged in transit.


What About Large Items? If you’re thinking about moving larger items such as furniture, then you’ll want to consider a few things. For instance, what is the quantity and size of the furniture? Will it fit into your new home? Is it worth the cost? How much is allowed? A Phil’s Moving & Storage specialist can help you answer all those questions.


Phil’s Moving & Storage Can Help You Move Overseas

Phil’s Moving & Storage makes moving overseas easier than ever. We’ve already done all the research and paperwork so that you don’t have to. We can carefully go over every detail with you so that your move is hassle-free. Call us today at 323-666-8550, and let us get you ready for the big day!