Moving your entire business can be a disaster if you don’t have the right plan in place. Furthermore, the right tools to stay organized throughout the entire project. Below are some tips on how to make your business relocation go smoothly.


Create a Timeline

We have been planning small and large business moves for many many years. We have been able to streamline our timelines to provide you with the fastest, most efficient ways of moving your company. We will work alongside you to make sure the timeline works for your company and provides us with the right amount of time to get the job done smoothly.


What is Going Where?

If you already know what the floorplan of the new place looks like, then we can start planning the move accordingly. Our moving experts can go through the process of assigning all of your items to each room of the destination property. Here are some items to consider when assigning items to specific spaces:


●        Will the area/room assignments create an efficient workflow in the office?

●        Where will the office equipment go? Is there enough power/electrical outlets for the all the equipment?

●        Is the conference room large enough for your current items? What other large group settings exist on the property for storage during the transition?

●        Will assignments be categorized into company departments? How will that affect who and what goes where?


Minimizing Workflow Interruption

Even a landmark event such as a relocation can’t stop your business operations. With a detailed strategy in place, we can minimize workflow interruption and keep your team productive. We can help you move your company into segments so that one department is already working by the time the other department is moved in. We can help ensure that the entire relocation happens seamlessly and with very little interruption to your business.


Choose Phil’s Transfer & Storage

When relocating your business, you want to make sure that you hire a moving company that has experience with commercial moves. At Phil’s Transfer & Storage, we specialize in commercial relocations for both small and large companies. We can handle your entire move and make the transition go smoothly without all the hassle. Call us today at 323-666-8550 and schedule your move. We serve both home and business owners across Los Angeles, California.