Most of the items that you move in your home or office can be placed in boxes, taped up, and shipped out with little effort. But how do you move your most valuable, expensive items? Phil’s Transfer & Storage has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you transfer all of your valuables safely and efficiently. Below are some of our tips for moving your expensive possessions.

1. Keep an Inventory

To keep up with all of your most valuable items, separate them from all other household items and document all of your inventory. Listing your inventory will help you keep track of where everything is, as well as confirm that it was moved and not lost. Documentation is necessary for filing a claim to our company or an insurance provider.

2. Moving Insurance

While you may not need to insure all of your household goods, we recommend protecting your most treasured valuables. Ask us about the insurance we offer. We can give you as much coverage as you need on specific items. You never know what can go wrong during a move. Insuring your possessions can provide you with peace of mind that they will be covered as you transfer them to your destination.

3. Hire a Crew for the Big Stuff

Phil’s Transfer & Storage can provide a small or large crew of movers that can aid you as you try to move larger items. We have the skill and training necessary to properly package any sizeable object and properly store it in the moving truck. We can also provide separate vehicles if you want to move the high-priced items separately. We can provide full moving services for both residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles.

4. Invest in Good Boxes

If you’re like many families, you’ll do everything you can to find free cardboard boxes. While this may work for many items in your house, we suggest that you purchase padded boxes for electronics, fragile items made of glass or light material, jewelry, paintings, and other things that can easily break en route to your new house. Ask us about the type of boxes we can provide. We’ll be happy to help you pack them!

5. Stand Your Dishes Up

The most common method for packing dishes is to set them on top of each other with tissue in between them as padding. The safest way to place them in the box, however, is to stand them up on their edge with filling in between them. They’re less likely to break this way.

6. Glass Displays

Painting, photos, and other displays protected by the glass cover are difficult to move. The best method for packing and transferring glass displays is to put bix X mask over the glass using painters or masking tape. The tape will stabilize the cover and keep it from shattering onto the image.

Professional Moving Service Available
When you get ready to move, then contact Phil’s Transfer & Storage. We can help you with your entire residential or commercial move from start to finish. We offer transportation, moving equipment and supplies, and professional movers that can safely store all the items in your moving truck. We also provide storage for personal or business items. Schedule a move date in Los Angeles, California by calling us at 323-666-8550.